I cannot thank all of you enough for your continued excellent customer service that you ALWAYS provide to Merestone! You play a huge role in our company and we rely on you very much and trust your expertise with our benefits! Your excellent customer service that you provide to us often goes unrecognized. We are very grateful to have you as our benefits partner.

Every time we have a question or our employees have a question, you consistently greet us on the phone with a friendly hello and help us out in so many ways. You always provide timely feedback with answers to any questions that we may have, and you always go the extra mile! That means a lot to us! I really appreciate that you always keep us informed whether it be by phone or e-mail! Thank you for your continuous support in all that you do to service our benefits account!  

- Brittany Lake l Controller
MERESTONE - A Division of Unique, Inc.


 We thoroughly enjoyed working with you as well. Your forthright and honest approach is very refreshing. You really educate your clients on their options versus “sell” them. You convey a sense of having your client’s needs in mind and we really appreciate that about you.  
- Irene & Bob Bradford, Bradford Leadership Group


 You have gone the extra mile at every turn to get us what we’ve needed and then some, answered a hundred questions with good humor and empathy, and followed up each time we’ve asked for this, that, and the other. And never once with a sense of how much trouble we are!  
- Nancy Chamberlain, J&B Construction & Maintenance Services


 Paul, we want you to know that we consider our relationship with Breslau Insurance to be a win / win for our assisted transportation company. In a nutshell - THANK YOU! All of the packets are now together, the summaries have printed and a copy of the website information has been provided to the team. Thanks for helping us through the process and getting us to a successful completion. Can't wait to do it again next year! :)  
- Dana McWilliams, Quality Transport Services of Arizona


 Paul, Once again, thank you for your efforts on my behalf in dealing with the insurance company. Changing is always an adventure, it is nice to have a guide to help smooth out the rough spots.  
- Richard Shields, Synergy Financial Group